Insights: Keeping your Property Secure

Insights: Keeping your Property Secure

External doors and windows

All locks depend on how good the quality of wood in the door and frame is. It would be wise to consider getting a builder to secure the door frame to the brickwork before fitting any extra locks.

Choosing the locks that conform to British Standards (BS3621) – or one that has at least five levers. Check the door is thick enough to accept the lock and keep its strength.

Window locks that pull the window into the frame with a key are normally stronger, this is also something to consider.

Double glazing is also a safe option, check that it’s not just the handle that stops a window from opening. Some windows have a key for extra security.



For landlords, In the legal sense, there is no requirement for landlords to make sure there is standard of security in the rented property. However, they are responsible for the care towards their tenants and are also responsible for keeping the property in good conditions.

This includes making sure that the locks on external windows and doors are secure and functional. It’s also recommended for landlords that locks are changed at the beginning of each tenancy to reduce the threat of previous tenants gaining entry.

If landlords wish to go one step further, they could install a motion sensor light outside the exterior doors or a burglar alarm for extra security.



As the occupiers of the property, tenants should take responsibility and take care of their belongings to ensure that it isn’t a vulnerable target for thieves.

Making sure no important belongings are left in sight or spare keys stored under garden pots, and that all doors and windows are properly locked when the house is left unattended.

If you’re on holiday, it would be wise not publicise this on social media. You should also let your agent or landlord know so that they can keep an eye on the property.


Home security alarm

A majority of homes are still without alarm systems fitted, a key point here is to pick a company you can trust, as many home security alarm manufacturers fall short when independently tested. Keep an eye out for the British Standard kitemark when purchasing your home security system, as their information will useful.
Keep your home, well lit!

Both indoor timed lighting systems and exterior lights equipped with sensors will help improve your property’s security and unlikely to get burgled.

Which house would you prefer to take your chances on, one shrouded in darkness, or a house that has lights coming on and going off at random times as well being extremely well-lit outside? these are factors to consider.


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